What is EXPLORER VANGO?! While completely restarting the website I’ve decided to add a YouTube channel that combines a bunch of my interests. I enjoy camping and traveling around the country to visit other comic book creators. This will allow me to share those trips with a wider audience than just a simple photo on Facebook, and hopefully it will bring people from outside of the regular comic buying population to read the stories that I have to tell.

Comics are just for kids. Absolutely not! Comics or graphic novels are the step between novels and movies. They can be on any subject and intended for any audience.

I started reading comics as a kid in the 1980s, and I guess I tend to try and recreate the fun I had as a kid, but I’m not writing stories for today’s kids—just for the kid in me.

All of the published comics I’ve done for others has been superheroes. While it was fun working on Captain Marvel SHAZAM, The Human-Torch, The Owl, and several others I’m a little frustrated that EVERYTHING has to be superheroes to sell. I would much rather write and draw cowboys or science fiction. And you will begin to see more of those concepts from me in print soon.

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